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- Chinese language course: including four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, teaching from multiple perspectives such as phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and rhetoric.

- Writing tutoring: help students improve their writing skills and expression ability, covering essay structure, paragraph organization, vocabulary use, style conversion and other aspects.

- Reading tutoring: provides tutoring in reading comprehension and speed reading skills to help students improve their reading ability and reading comprehension.

- Language Literacy: Focuses on developing students' language literacy, including cultural background, literary appreciation, logical thinking, and creative ability.

- Language Thinking Training: Helps students improve their language thinking and creativity through multilingual thinking training, such as analysis, reasoning, induction, comparison, and analogy.

- Technology-assisted teaching: Using various technology tools, such as the Internet, intelligent teaching systems, voice recognition, etc., to improve teaching effectiveness and students' interest in learning.

- Examination counseling: Provide students with targeted examination counseling, including all different levels and types of examinations.


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