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- Subject content: For students' specific subject needs, we provide corresponding course content, such as math, English, physics, chemistry and so on. Through one-on-one lessons, we help students understand the subject knowledge in depth, master the problem solving methods and techniques, and improve the subject performance.

- Learning Plan: Personalized learning plans are developed to help students learn efficiently by arranging appropriate learning content and time according to their learning progress and ability. By creating a personalized study plan, students can better plan their studies, rationalize their time, and improve their learning efficiency.

- Learning methods: Helps students identify and improve poor learning methods and enhance learning effectiveness, such as learning attitudes, study methods, and study habits. By providing corresponding learning methods and techniques for different learning problems of students, students can better master their learning skills and methods and improve their learning effectiveness.

- Knowledge remediation: Identify and supplement students' knowledge deficiencies to improve their subject matter, such as basic knowledge consolidation and difficult problem solving. By discovering and solving students' knowledge deficiencies and difficult problems, we help students gain a deeper understanding of the subject and improve their performance in the subject.

- Psychological counseling: Help students to relieve learning anxiety and stress, build the correct learning attitude and self-confidence, and improve motivation. Through appropriate psychological counseling, we help students establish a positive learning mindset, overcome learning difficulties and setbacks, and improve their learning effectiveness.


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