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- Mathematics courses: mathematical knowledge, mathematical thinking, mathematical methods, mathematical skills, etc.

Help students master math knowledge and problem solving methods and improve math ability.

- English courses: grammar knowledge, reading comprehension, writing skills, listening and speaking, etc.

To help students improve their English and master basic English skills.

- Physics course: physics knowledge, physics thinking, physics methods, physics skills, etc.

Help students master physics knowledge and problem solving methods, and improve their physics skills.

- Chemistry course: chemistry knowledge, chemistry thinking, chemistry methods, chemistry skills, etc.

Teaching methods: small class, one-on-one tutoring, online teaching, offline teaching, personalized teaching, etc.

Through different teaching methods to meet the different learning needs of students, we provide personalized education services.

Teachers: teaching experience, professional knowledge, teaching quality, teacher training, etc.

We provide experienced teachers with high professionalism and excellent teaching quality to provide students with high-quality educational services.

Subject assessment: Assessing students' level in each subject, diagnosing learning problems, making personalized learning plans, etc.

Through regular subject assessments, we help students identify and solve learning problems in a timely manner, develop personalized learning plans, and improve learning results.


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